February 2017 DUI Arrests























On 02/25/2017 I was working patrol in full uniform in marked patrol unit numbered fourty-four.

While traveling East on Lewisberry Rd I came upon a silver station wagon. As I was following the station wagon I noticed it was crossing over the double yellow line. From the time I started following the station wagon in the 2500 block of Lewisberry Rd to the stop location 1800 block York Haven Rd the station wagon crossed over the double yellow line thirteen times and the fog line three times. I activated my emergency lighting and the vehicle did not stop but continued to drive East on York Haven Rd. I then activated my siren to which the station wagon’s brake lights came on as well as the vehicles right turn signal but the vehicle continued to drive East on York Haven Rd. As the station wagon was coming to a stop it crossed over the double yellow line going into the opposing lane of travel then came back into it’s lane and crossed over the fog line where the vehicle came to a stop. The vehicle a silver Pontiac station wagon bearing PA registration JPW9139.

I approached the station wagon on the driver’s side and made contact with the driver, a white male. I identified myself and advised the driver that the stop was being recorded. I asked the driver for his driver’s license, registration and insurance card. The male had his registration and insurance card in his hand but starred at each one for about ten to fifteen seconds before deciding to hand them to me. The male then looked straight ahead and did not provide his driver’s license to me. I asked the male for his driver’s license again and he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet and handed me his drivers license. The driver’s license photo matched the male, Thomas M Callahan. I asked Mr. Callahan where he was coming and he advised he was coming from work then advised he was coming from Carlisle Hospital. I asked Mr. Callahan if he stopped anywhere between leaving the hospital and now. Mr. Callahan advised he did not. Mr. Callahan asked why he was being pulled over. I advised him because he was all over the roadway, crossing over the double yellow lines and the fog line. I asked Mr. Callahan for an explanation for why he was crossing over the double yellow lines and the fog line. Mr. Callahan advised he is very tired from visiting his daughter in the hospital. While I was speaking with Mr. Callahan I could smell that of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and person. Mr. Callahan’s movement’s were very slow when providing me his information. Mr. Callahan also had blood shot, glassy eyes. I asked Mr. Callahan if he was willing to perform filed sobriety for me and he advised he was willing to.

Mr. Callahan got out of the vehicle and I patted him down for any weapons to which I did not find any on him. As I was patting Mr Callahan down for weapons he was swaying back and forth. I then had Mr Callahan turn around after I was done patting him down to which he lost his balance and stepped backwards to regain his balance.

During filed sobriety Mr. Callahan showed signs of being impaired and incapable of being able to safely operate a motor vehicle. A PBT was provided to Mr. Callahan to which the results read 0.172% blood alcohol content. I had Mr. Callahan place his hand behind his back and advised him he was being arrested for driving under the influence.

At 0029 hours I transported Mr. Callahan to central booking. At 0044 hours I arrived at central booking where I read Mr. Callahan the DL-26 form. I asked Mr. Callahan if he would submit to chemical testing and he advised he would. At 0100 hours phlebotomist Jalyssa Caban drew two gray capped tubes of Mr Callahan’s blood from his left arm.

On 09/03/2016 Mr. Callahan was arrested for Driving under the influence.











Your Affiant is Sergeant Chris Martinez of the Newberry Township Police Department. On 02/16/17, I was on duty, in issued uniform, operating a marked patrol unit.

At approximately 2317 hours, I observed a tan Saturn sedan traveling north on Cly Rd., with a faulty passenger side tail light. I followed the vehicle for a short distance where I noticed the operator came to a stop at an intersection which did not require you to do so. The vehicle continued onto Pines Rd., where I observed the vehicle cross over the double yellow and white fog line two different times. Traffic stop was initiated at the corner of Pines Rd., and Bass Lake Rd.

Upon contact with operator, I immediately detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The driver was identified as Zakari Kitner by PA drivers license. While speaking with Mr. Kitner, I noticed he was very nervous and had blood shot eyes. I questioned Mr. Kitner about marijuana usage. Mr. Kitner admitted to smoking marijuana approximately 1-2 hours prior at a friends residence. I questioned Mr. Kitner if he was in possession of any contraband. Mr. Kitner handed me a glass marijuana pipe and a small plastic container filled with marijuana vegetation.

Mr. Kitner agreed to submit to field sobriety testing which revealed multiple clues of drug impairment. He was placed under arrest for DUI. Mr. Kitner was transported to York Central Booking where Phlebotomist Jalyssa Caban, withdrew two tubes of blood from his right arm at 0022hrs on 02/17/17. Tubes of blood were sealed in our presence to be sent to NMS Labs for analysis.

Criminal history check revealed a 2014 DUI conviction.

Based upon the above information which I believe to be true and correct, I respectfully request that Zakari Kitner, be arraigned on the charges set forth above.











On 2/13/2017 at approximately 2029 hours, this Officer was stationary at the traffic light at Old Trail Rd., and Newberry PKWY. A dark colored Subaru was turning left from Newberry PKWY onto Old Trail Rd., traveling south. I observed the Subaru without proper illumination of is rear tail lights. I began traveling on Old Trail Rd., following the Subaru bearing PA registration DTX9215. I continued to follow the Subaru onto Old Quaker Rd. While traveling northeast in the 700 block of Old Quaker Rd., I activated my emergency lights and siren. The vehicle continued to travel on Old Quaker Rd., failing to yield to my emergency lights and siren. After approximately one minute and fifty seconds, I disengaged my emergency lights and siren as the driver failed to yield.

The Subaru then made a left onto Quaker Circle and pulled into the drive way of 619 Quaker Circle. I reactivated my emergency lights and siren on the Subaru to conduct a traffic stop. Upon contact with the driver I explained the reason for the stop and he stated that he was trying to get home because of items for his daughter for valentines day. I asked the operator for his license and he stated that he did not have one. The operator, later identified as Aaron Creamer, admitted to consuming alcohol and smoking marijuana earlier in the day. While speaking with Mr. Creamer, I noticed his bloodshot eyes and he his movements where very slow and lethargic. Mr. Creamer agreed to submit to field sobriety testing which yielded multiple clues of impairment.

At this point, I came to the belief that Mr. Creamer yielded signs of drug and alcohol impairment, which rendered him incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle. He was placed under arrest for DUI.

I transported Mr. Creamer to Memorial Hospital, where I read the DL-26 implied consent form verbatim where he refused to a chemical test of blood. A search warrant was obtained for Mr. Creamer’s blood. At 2317 hours, Phlebotomist Jennifer Rembowski withdrew two tubes of blood from Mr. Creamer’s right arm. Tubes were sealed in our presence to be sent to NMS labs for analysis. Mr. Creamer was then transported to York County Central Booking for arraignment.

Criminal history check revealed a prior DUI arrest in December of 2015. Driver history check revealed Mr. Creamer’s operating privileges were currently suspended DUI related.












On February 10, 2017 Fairview Township Police received a call from a Scott Slayton reporting what appeared to be a rolling domestic in the area of Pleasant View Rd. / Evergreen Rd. Information received was that a female was walking along the road with a car stopping frequently near her. When asked if everything was ok, the female advised she was just trying to get home. The female was then to have gotten back in the car and the caller followed. The female was reported to be in a gray colored Honda Accord with PA registration JHX3237 and traveling on Valley Rd. heading toward Newberry Township. Fairview Township Officer M. Lakari requested Newberry Township officers be advised of the incident. I was able to locate the described vehicle on Yocumtown Rd. just west of Valley Rd. The vehicle appeared to have just turned around and headed back the other way, (east), on Valley Rd. I turned my vehicle around as well and began to follow the vehicle. I confirmed the registration and description of the vehicle as it turned left onto Valley Rd. While following behind the vehicle, the vehicle traveled very slow and stopped in the roadway at least once. At one point, the passenger door opened while the vehicle was in the roadway. The vehicle then turned into a driveway of 1455 Valley Rd. where I engaged my emergency lights and approached the vehicle.

Upon approaching the vehicle, a female exited the passenger door and a male exited the driver’s door. Both occupants were identified and asked about the reported incident by myself and Officer C. Bowman (FTPD). I approached the driver’s door and spoke with driver who was identified as Alexander Brandt by his PA driver’s license. Brandt advised he was bringing Devon home tonight. While speaking with Brandt, I noticed he had an odor on his breath consistent with someone who had recently consumed alcohol and had glassy, bloodshot eyes. When asked, Mr. Brandt advised he had 3 “Miller Lites” this evening. I asked Mr. Brandt to step out of the vehicle and participate in field sobriety tests. He was noticed to have an unsteady gait while walking and problems listening to my instructions. Field Sobriety tests were conducted which resulted in multiple clues of impairment. Mr. Brandt was also noticed to have a lack of balance and inability to follow simple instructions. A PBT was provided to Mr. Brandt which yielded a positive reading for alcohol.

Mr. Brandt was then placed under arrest for DUI and handcuffed behind his back. Brandt was then transported to York Co. Booking where he was read the DL-26 form and agreed to submit to a blood test. At 2320 hrs. I witnessed Jalyssa Caban draw blood from the left arm of Brandt. The sample was packaged to be sent to NMS labs.

On February 24, 2017 I received the toxicology report from NMS labs for Mr. Brandt. Upon review of the report, it showed that at the time of testing, Mr. Brandt had a BAC of 0.211% g/100mL as well as 76 ng/mL of Benzoylegonine (metabolite of Cocaine) in his blood. This report was prepared by Donna Papsun, M.S., D-ABFT-FT.

Based upon the above facts that I feel are both true and correct, I respectfully request that Alexander Brandt answer to the charges filed against him.













On February 8, 2017 at approx. 0150 hrs. while working patrol I observed a vehicle driving suspicious.  The vehicle; a black, Acura, Integra, with Pennsylvania registration of KHL0989, was driving southbound on Old Trail Road.  The Acura approached the Rutter’s at a slow rate of speed and failed to use a turn signal when turning into the parking lot of the Rutter’s.  The vehicle then drove around the parking lot, driving through the pumping area and then exited the parking lot.  The Acura again failed to use a turn signal when re-entering Old Trail Road.  The vehicle proceeded North Bound and I pulled my patrol vehicle directly behind.  The vehicle turned onto Pines Road and I activated my emergency overhead lights.  The vehicle pulled into the Sunoco and stopped.  I attempted to get the driver to pull further into the parking lot and the driver didn’t acknowledge my command.  I then made contact with the driver.


Upon approach I immediately observed the driver was nervous and shaking.  The driver was requested to turn over his license and vehicle information.  I observed that the driver fumbled around with his information and paperwork.  He attempted to turn over a package of information and was requested to only turn over the paperwork requested.  While speaking to the driver I observed his voice was slow and he babbled.  I observed that he attempted not to make eye contact but when his eyes could be observed he had very red and glassy eyes.  His eyes dropped as if drowsiness.  The driver turned over license number 29024028 belonging to a Robert Joseph Gehman.  The photograph on the license matched the driver of the Acura.  I observed fresh needle marks on both arms as if he recently had needles in both arms in multi-spots.  I requested that Mr. Gehman step from the vehicle and perform the standardized field sobriety tests, he complied.


Upon checking Mr. Gehman’s eyes I confirmed that his eyes were red, bloodshot, glassy, a thousand yard stare, were very constricted, and had no reaction to the light of my flash light.  During the course of the tests Mr. Gehman demonstrated many clues of someone under the influence of drugs.  I observed that Mr. Gehman had red scabs under his nose for unknown reasons.  He advised that he was legally blind in his right eye, but both eyes tracked properly.   I requested information on the needle/ track marks on his arms and he advised it was from IV from a recent injury to his hand that occurred two weeks ago.  I observed no physical injury or cut to his hand.  Mr. Gehman talked a great deal and babbled about his history which included a history of drug use.  When originally confronted about his use of drugs Mr. Gehman denied any use of drugs this evening.  After being informed of the many observations of impairment he admitted to taking a dose of non-prescribed Suboxone a couple hours ago.  Mr. Gehman also admitted to not taking the medication that was given to him until three days ago when he took a large amount of the drug.   Mr. Gehman was taken into custody without incident.


Mr. Gehman’s vehicle was secured, searched via tow.  No contraband was discovered.  A pack of cigarettes was observed in the driver’s side door.  The pack contained one cigarette with the filter partially pulled.  Steve’s towing was contacted and picked up the vehicle.


Mr. Gehman was transported to the York County Booking center.  At the center he was read over the implied consent form.  Mr. Gehman refused the blood test.  Mr. Gehman was turned over to the Sheriff’s department for processing.  A check of his criminal history and driving record revealed no previous driving under the influence arrests in his past.  Mr. Gehman did advise that he is currently on probation for other criminal arrests.  The on call York County probation officer was contacted and given information, she denied having a detainer placed on him.













On February 4, 2017 at approx. 0140 hrs. Officer Lohr of the Carroll Township Police Department was enroute back to his jurisdiction traveling on Interstate 83 Northbound. He observed a vehicle driving carelessly directly in front of his patrol vehicle. The vehicle was swerving in its lane of travel, crossing the fog lines in the roadway, crossing the center lane divider lines, and then drove off the roadway nearly hitting the sign at Exit #32. He reported this to York County Control and requested a Pennsylvania State Trooper if one was available, no units were available. Upon hearing this I was at exit #32 off/on ramp. I responded that I was in the area. Officer Lohr advised that the driver nearly struck the sign at exit #32 and was continuing northbound past the exit. I merged onto I83 northbound and was behind the suspected vehicle and the Carroll Township patrol vehicle. I activated my emergency overhead lights at the beginning to the off ramp at exit #34. The vehicle continued to travel without breaking. I activated my emergency siren and the vehicle continued to travel. Upon reviewing the video it was noted that the lights were activated at 0141.14. The vehicle finally came to a complete stop near mile marker 34.4 at 0142.22. The vehicle was a 2012 White, KIA, with Pennsylvania registration of HWG3695.

Upon approach I had to tap on the driver’s side door window to get the attention of the driver. I requested from the driver her license and vehicle information. The driver provided driver’s license 26128060 belonging to a Carrie Verner Mullarkey. The photo on the driver’s license matched the driver of the KIA. I asked Ms. Mullarkey if she was drinking tonight and she responded, “no, not exactly, I had one drink”. I requested that Ms. Mullarkey step from the vehicle and perform the standardized field sobriety tests, she complied. I noted that upon exiting the vehicle she fell back against the vehicle and used the vehicle for support. Ms. Mullarkey performed the tests and showed many clues that she was impaired and unable to drive her vehicle safely. It should be noted that for the coordination tests that Ms. Mullarkey had high healed boots on but did remove them for the tests. I requested a breath sample for a portable breath tester, she was willing to comply. Given four or five attempts Ms. Mullarkey was unwilling to provide a proper breath sample by only puffing into the instrument. However, a partial reading was at the legal limit.

Ms. Mullarkey was taken into custody without incident. Arrangements were made for her friend to retrieve her vehicle to avoid a tow expense. The same person was also going to pick Ms. Mullarkey from the booking center. Ms. Mullarkey was transported to the York County Booking center. At booking she was read over the implied consent form and agreed to give a blood sample to determine her legal BAC. After the blood was drawn she was turned over to the Sheriff’s department for processing.

On February 13, 2017 the results of the toxicology report from NMS labs were received. At the time of arrest Ms. Mullarkey had a BAC level of 0.119%.

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