May 2017 DUI Arrests








On 05/13/17 at approx. 1614 hours, this officer was dispatched by Y.C.C. to the area of Old Trail Road at I-83 Exit 32-Etters, PA for a multiple vehicle accident with injuries.

This officer arrived on scene with Sgt. Farren and observed three(3) vehicles involved at the intersection facing eastbound, a gray Chevrolet HHR SUV bearing PA reg# JRW-0081, a yellow Chevrolet Cavalier coupe, to the rear of the HHR, bearing PA reg# JZF-2958 and a red Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD pick-up truck, to the rear of the Cavalier, bearing PA reg# ZDM-5109.

The driver/owner of the HHR was identified as Kenneth Hoy of Shermansdale, PA, the driver of the Cavalier was identified as Theresa Hoy of Shermansdale, PA and the driver of the Silverado pick-up was identified as David Beinhower of New Cumberland, PA.

Beinhower stated that he was travelling eastbound on Old Trail Road, spilled his coffee and, while distracted, struck the Cavalier in the rear, which then caused that Cavalier to strike the HHR in the rear before the incident came to rest.

Kenneth and Theresa Hoy reported injuries on scene and were transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of same. David Beinhower reported no injuries and remained on scene during further investigation.

While on scene, Sgt. Farren was alerted to the smell of marijuana in or around the Silverado pick-up truck and same was confirmed by this officer, following which David Beinhower admitted to possessing Marijuana, having smoked Marijuana earlier this date and agreed to submit to Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) which was conducted by Sgt. Farren.

Following the on-scene accident investigation and completion of SFST, which yielded signs of impairment, this officer placed David Beinhower under arrest for DUI and transported Beinhower to Memorial Hospital for a legal blood draw at approx. 1700 hours.

Sgt. Farren remained on scene for further investigation relative to Marijuana evidence seizure from Beinhower’s vehicle, as well as the supervision of vehicle removal from the roadway.

This officer arrived at Memorial Hospital at approx. 1716 hours, read the DL-26 Implied Consent form verbatim to Beinhower at approx. 1727 hours and two(2) gray-top vials of blood were drawn from Beinhower at approx. 1735 hours by Vascular Access Technician Michelle Wheeler.

This officer cleared Memorial Hospital at approx. 1743 hours and transported Beinhower to the York County Central Booking Center, arriving at same at approx. 1752 hours.

David Beinhower was a process and release, and this officer cleared Central Booking at approx. 1812 hours to return to N.T.P.D.

On 05/25/17 at approx. 1800 hours, this officer received the blood results from NMS Labs for David Beinhower which indicated the presence of 4.3 ng/ml of Delta-9 THC, the major active component of Marijuana, and 32 ng/ml of Delta-9 Carboxy THC, the metabolite of THC, both of which were in excess of the respective report limits of 0.50 ng/ml and 5.0 ng/ml.

Therefore, based on the aforementioned information which this officer believes to be true and correct to the best of his knowledge, it is requested that a summons be issued for David Beinhower to answer to the charges of:

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substance (75/3802(d)(1)(i)) – M

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substance (75/3802(d)(1)(iii)) – M

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substance (75/3802(d)(2)) – M

Possession or Distribution of a Small Amount of Marijuana (35/13(a)(31)) – M

Careless Driving (75/3714(a)) – S








Your Affiant is Patrolman Dean Bortner of the Newberry Township Police Department. On 04/29/2017, I was on duty, in issued uniform, operating a marked patrol vehicle.

At approximately 1156 hours, Sergeant Martinez informed me that a blue Honda drove by him on Yocumtown Rd., with an inspection of July 2016. I observed the Honda traveling east on Yocumtown Rd. I activated my emergency lights and siren on the blue Honda with a Pennsylvania registration of JYT3693.

As I approached the driver side I immediately detected an odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside of the vehicle. I explained to the driver why I was pulling him over and asked him for his drivers license. I then verified that the Honda’s inspection was July 2016. The driver was identified as Weldon Wiggins Jr., by Pennsylvania drivers license. I asked Mr. Wiggins Jr., when the last time he smoked marijuana was and he stated that he could not because he was a security guard. I then had Mr. Wiggins Jr., step out of the vehicle and again asked him when the last time he smoked marijuana was and he stated last night around 2300 hours. Sergeant Martinez informed me that the passenger informed him that she and Mr. Wiggins Jr., had smoked marijuana at approximately 0800 hours. At this point I requested he submit to field sobriety tests.

Field sobriety tests were administered which yielded clues of drug impairment, which rendered him incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle. He was placed under arrest for DUI.

I transported Mr. Wiggins Jr., to Memorial Hospital, where I read the DL-26 implied consent form verbatim to Mr. Wiggins Jr. Mr. Wiggins Jr., agreed to submit to a chemical test of blood. At 1301 hours, Phlebotomist Michelle Wheeler, withdrew tow tubes of blood from Mr. Wiggins Jr., right arm. Tubes were sealed in our presence to be sent to NMS labs for analysis.

Received toxicology report from NMS labs, which revealed Mr. Wiggins Jr., had 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 3.9 ng/mL, Delta-9 Carboxy THC 45 ng/mL, and Delta-9 THC 9.2 ng/mL present in his blood at the time of testing.







On 05/21/17 at approx 0349hrs, this officer was on patrol driving a unmarked patrol unit. I was traveling North on Old Trail Rd at Potts Hill Rd when I observed a vehicle traveling South on Old Trail Rd with a head light out. The vehicle went through the intersection of Old Trail Rd and I 83 SB Exit 33. The vehicle then came to a stop came to a stop, the reverse lights came on. The vehicle then started backing up into the intersection coming to a stop, then making a U turn in the middle of the intersection. The vehicle then made a right hand turn entering the I83S exit 33 off ramp onto Old Trail Rd. This would have placed him traveling north bound on I83S in the wrong direction. I caught up to the vehicle and stopped it before it got too far on the off ramp. The vehicle was a silver Coupe PA registration JPZ 8445.

I made contact with the driver. The driver would not roll down the window or look at me. Once contact was made, the driver could not provide any of the requested information. There was the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. There were also several Coors light cans in the vehicle with at least one being opened. He was asked to step out of the vehicle. Driver had a difficult time following instructions.

Field Sobriety test were conducted and the driver appeared under the influence and incapable of safe driving. The driver was placed under arrest. A search of his person found no forms of identification, nor would he provide any verbal information when requested. Driver failed to submit to a legal blood draw when requested after being read the DL-26.

Driver was taken to Central Booking where he was ten printed and identified as Ervin Vasquez.

The registration on the vehicle came back on a Volkswagen which was not issued to the vehicle that it was placed on. The VIN on the vehicle is JTDDR32T3Y0032162.



Schoppert Derek





On May 10, 2017 at approximately 0006 hrs. I was parked near the intersection of Market St. and Lewisberry Rd. when I observed a sedan approach the intersection traveling westbound on Lewisberry Rd., (SR 0382). The vehicle was facing the location of my patrol vehicle and I was able to see that it had a passenger side head lamp that was not illuminated. The vehicle turned left onto Market St. and I pulled out behind it and began to follow it into Lewisberry Boro. A traffic stop was conducted with the vehicle near the intersection of E. Front St. / Market St. in Lewisberry Boro.

I approached the vehicle and introduced myself to the driver and passenger. I immediately smelled the odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The driver provided me his driver’s license and was positively identified as Derek Schoppert. I asked Schoppert to step out of the vehicle and to the rear of his vehicle. Once outside the vehicle, I notified Schoppert that I smelled marijuana in the vehicle.

Schoppert was asked to participate in Field Sobriety Tests. He consented to participate in the tests. During these tests, I detected several clues that are consistent with impairment. Schoppert was also noted to have a greenish/brown coating to the posterior side of this tongue, consistent to that of someone who recently smoked marijuana. When asked when the last time he smoked marijuana was, he admitted that he smoked it the previous day around 5:00 PM.

Schoppert was placed under arrest for DUI and handcuffed behind his back. He was transported to York Memorial Hospital for blood to be drawn. He was read and signed the DL-26 form word for word and agreed to submit to a blood test. At 0124 hrs. I witnessed Lennia Vega draw blood from the right arm of Derek Shoppert. The blood was then packaged and sent to NMS labs for analysis.

On May 22, 2017 I received a written toxicology report from Ayako Chan-Hosokawa, M.S., D-ABFT-FT from NMS labs. In this report, it stated that at the time of testing, Derek Schoppert had 1.1 ng/mL of Delta-9 THC (schedule 1 drug) and 9.7 ng/mL of Delta-9 Carboxy THC (metabolite of Schedule 1 drug) in his blood.








(1) Your affiant is a sworn officer employed by the Newberry Township Police Department and is currently assigned to the patrol division as a patrol officer

(2) On Friday May 5 2017 at approximately 2257 hours, this officer was dispatched to the area of Old Trail Rd and Yocumtown Rd. for a vehicle driving erratically. The caller reported that vehicle was traveling southbound on Old Trail Rd and was traveling at 10 MPH in a 40 MPH zone. The vehicle was described by the caller as a silver Toyota Tacoma bearing Pennsylvania registration, (PA YYP-6832). The caller continued to follow the vehicle and observed the vehicle nearly strike a guard rail in the area of Newberry Parkway.

(3) I responded to the area and observed the caller following the suspect vehicle in the area of Old Trail Rd at exit-33. I turned my patrol vehicle around at the PennDoT shed entrance and started to follow the caller and the suspect vehicle. While in the 1600 block of Old Trail Rd I followed the suspect vehicle. During this time I observed the vehicle swerving in the roadway. The suspect vehicle was traveling between 13 to 15 MPH. and nearly stopped in the roadway. I activated my emergency lights in the 1800 block of Old Trail Rd. The vehicle came to a stop in a parking area at 1875 Old Trail Rd.

(4) I approached the driver side of the vehicle and made contact with the female driver. I requested her identification and was provided her vehicle insurance paperwork. The female had a cigarette in her mouth with the front of the cigarette in her mouth. The female provided a Pennsylvania drivers license that identified her as Leslie E Mackley of 76 Persian Lilac Dr Etters. I immediately detected the odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from the interior of the vehicle. I asked Mackley if she had been drinking any alcoholic beverages on this date. Mackley reported that she had a drink earlier in the evening.

(5) I then asked Mackley to exit the vehicle. She was then asked to submit to the standardized sobriety tests. Mackley agreed to the tests and exited her vehicle. Mackley was wearing prescription lenses at the time of the traffic stop. She reported that she had visual problems that limited her sight in different lighting. She also advised that she did have physical problems that could possibly prevent her from performing the tests. The tests provided yielded clues of impairment to include lack of balance and failure to complete the tests as instructed and demonstrated. Mackley was placed under arrest for DUI at 2323 hours.

(6) Mackley was transported to the York Central Booking Center where she was read the DL-26 form. She consented to the chemical test of blood. On 05-06-17 at 0030 hours, I witnessed Amanda Griffin draw blood the right arm of Leslie E Mackley and package the sample to be sent to NMS Labs for analysis.

(7) A review of Mackley’s driver history indicated a previous DUI arrest in 2012 (Target 25)








On April 30, 2017 at approx. 0055 hrs. while on patrol I observed a vehicle driving carelessly. While in a marked patrol unit, #48, I was southbound on York Haven Road observing a suspicious driver directly in front of my patrol vehicle. While observing the vehicle I noticed that a vehicle heading northbound crossed the center line and nearly struck the vehicle I was watching. I immediately stopped, turned around, and began to follow the vehicle that crossed the center lines. I observed the vehicle, 2013 silver Dodge with Pennsylvania registration of LILBT, proceed on York Haven Road then enter Interstate 83 northbound at exit #32. Within a short distance I observed the Dodge bouncing back in forth in its lane of travel, cross the lane divider lines, and even straddle the lines on I83. I activated my emergency overhead lights and stopped the Dodge. The Dodge pulled off the roadway, across the exit lane at X34, and stop on the side of the roadway.

Upon approach of the driver I immediately observed a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from the cab and the breath of the driver. I requested her license and the vehicle information. The driver had slow movements, slurred speech, red blood shot eyes, and made unusual statements. The driver provided drivers license number 21545026 belonging to a Julie L. Janney. The photograph on the license matched the driver of the Dodge. I asked Ms. Janney how much she had to drink tonight and she stated “Not Much”. Ms. Janney stated that she had a few drinks after work. I requested that she step from the vehicle and submit to the standardized field sobriety tests. At first Ms. Janney refused to exit her vehicle. She then exited her vehicle and complied to the tests. During the second test Ms. Janney would no longer agree to continue to take the tests and requested a breath tester. While conducting the field tests I observed that Ms. Janney staggered and swayed when standing. Ms. Janny stated that any further tests were a waste of time and again requested a breath tester. She stated that she was “Buzzed but not drunk”. Upon attempting to get a breath sample Ms. Janney would only provide a puff of air and would not follow instructions on how to blow into the instrument. A partial reading was obtained and Ms. Janney was almost twice the legal limit. Ms. Janney was taken into custody without incident. She was transported to the York County Booking Center. At the center Ms. Janney was read the implied consent form and agreed to submit to a blood test. After the blood was drawn and packaged she was turned over to the Deputies for processing. Upon running a driving record and criminal history of Ms. Janney, it was determined that this was her first arrest for DUI.

On May 12, 2017 this department received the NMS labs toxicology report from the blood sample taken of Ms. Janney. At the time of the incident Ms. Janney had a BAC level of 0.171. I respectfully request that a summons be issued and that








On 05/01/2017 I was working patrol in full uniform and in marked patrol unit numbered fourty-eight (48). At 0839 hours I was dispatched to the 200 blk of York Rd for a motor vehicle crash involving an overturned vehicle.

Upon arrival, I saw a red four door station wagon on its drivers side, off the roadway. The station wagon was a Chevrolet Cavalier bearing PA registration KGH4090. I then started talking with the driver of the vehicle, a white male . I asked the male for his drivers license. The male provided me with his PA drivers license (25829420). The photo on the driver’s license matched the driver, Richard R Sheffer Jr.

I asked Mr. Sheffer to explain to me how the crash occurred. Mr. Sheffer advised he was going about thirty to thirty-five miles per hour as he was coming up the hill. Mr. Sheffer stated he then dozed off. Mr. Sheffer advised he woke up to him going off the road, hitting a tree and his vehicle flipping on it’s side. While speaking with Mr. Sheffer I notice his pupils were pin-point. Mr. Sheffer was also having a hard time keeping his eyes open while talking to me and appeared to be nodding of.

I asked Sheffer if he had used any drugs today. Mr. Sheffer advised he has not used any drugs but did take his sleeping pills this morning. I asked Mr. Sheffer what kind of sleeping pills he took. Mr. Sheffer advised he took trazodone and seroquel. Ms. Sheffer then advised he was not going to lie to me, he advised around 0130 hours he snorted two bags of heroin. I asked Mr. Sheffer if he was willing to do field sobriety tests for me. Mr. Sheffer advised he was.

Field sobriety tests preformed by Mr. Sheffer showed signs of being impaired and incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle. During the instruction stage of the test I observed Mr. Sheffer having trouble keeping his eyes yet and nodding off.

I then advised Mr. Sheffer he was being placed under arrest for Driving under the influence of drugs. I placed handcuffs on Mr. Sheffer with his palms facing outwards, double locking them for proper fit.

At 0924 hours I transported Mr. Sheffer to Memorial hospital. While enroute to Memorial hospital I observed Mr. Sheffer unable to keep his eyes open and appeared to nodding off. I arrived at Memorial hospital at 0943 hours, where I read him the DL-26 form. I asked Mr. Sheffer if he was would submit to a chemical test of blood, Mr. Sheffer advised he would. At 0957 hours Phlebotomist Fran Helock drew two gray capped vials of Mr. Sheffer’s blood from his right arm. While the Phlebotomist was drawing Mr. Sheffer’s blood, Mr. Sheffer was unable to keep his eyes open and supporting his head with his left hand. Phlebotomist Fran Helock then sealed the two gray capped vials of Mr. Sheffer blood with stickers he initialed.

In November 2016 Mr. Sheffer was arrested for DUI, making him target twenty-five.








Your Affiant is Patrolman Taylor Nauman of the Newberry Township Police Department. On 03/22/2017, I was on duty, in issued uniform, operating a marked patrol vehicle.

At approximately 1908hrs., this Officer was traveling east on Pennsylvania Ave in York Haven Borough behind a gold Chevrolet, the vehicle then turned left on to North Front St. As I continued to follow the vehicle it came to a stop at North Front St. and Locust St. At that intersection there is a clearly posted no right turn sign. The vehicle then proceeded to make a illegal right turn onto Wago Road. At this time I initiated my lights ad siren and conducted a traffic stop in the parking lot of the Hydro Plant. The vehicle was a Chevrolet cavalier bearing PA registration KBD-2662.

I made contact with the operator who was later identified as Brandon Lepley. Mr. Lepley did not have his PA driver’s license on him but after obtaining is date of birth and spelling of his name I verified his information through the computer in my vehicle. While speaking with Mr. Lepley his story was not adding up. I then asked Mr. Lepley the last time he used marijuana and Mr. Lepley advised before work today. Mr. Lepley stated he worked from 0600 to 1400 hrs that day. I proceeded to ask Mr. Lepley when did he smoke after work? Mr. Lepley advised he was busy but he may have smoked a little after work.

At this point I asked Mr. Lepley to exit the vehicle to conduct field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests were conducted which yielded clues of impairment. Next I placed Mr. Lepley under arrest for DUI. While placing him in restraints I asked what was in the car, to which Mr. Lepley admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle. Upon search of the vehicle Office Bortner and I recovered three bags of weed along with a bowl, scale and a jar to hold marijuana.

I then transported Mr. Lepley to York Central Booking Center where I read the DL-26 form verbatim to which Mr. Lepley agreed to submit to chemical testing. At 2225hrs., on 03/22/2017, Phlebotomist Jalyssa Caban, withdrew two tubes of blood from Mr. Lepley’s left arm. Tubes were sealed in our presence to be sent to NMS Labs for Analysis.




On 2/18/2017 At approximately 2108 hrs., I was traveling west on Lewisberry Rd., approaching Rossville Rd. I observed a gray colored Saturn sedan fail to stop for the posted stop sign at the intersection. As the vehicle proceeded through the intersection, I observed the operator to be possibly texting as the phone was held up in front of her face illuminated. Emergency lights and siren were activated and a vehicle stop was initiated. The vehicle pulled off to the side of the road and proceeded into a driveway to a business along Rossville Rd. As the vehicle was coming to a stop, I noticed the operator moving around a lot inside the vehicle as if she was attempting to hide something.

I made contact with the operator who was later identified as Chelsea Holliday. Ms. Holliday was extremely nervous as I noticed she had constricted pupils and track marks along her left arm. While scanning around the vehicle, I noticed her phone was still illuminated and a text message box was open on the phone. While speaking with her, I located a blue rubber band tie off on the passenger side floor compartment and an empty plastic bag with white powder residue inside. I questioned her about any drug use where she admitted to methadone and heroin use. Ms. Holliday admitted to injecting 3-4 bags of heroin approximately two and a half hours prior to the stop. I questioned about any drugs or paraphernalia inside the vehicle. She informed me that she may have heroin in the vehicle and stated she only had one needle inside the center console.

I requested Ms. Holliday step from the vehicle to take part in field sobriety testing. When exiting the vehicle, I noticed Ms. Holliday adjusted her groin area, as if she was hiding something inside her pants. I briefly patted her down where no weapons or immediate contraband was located.

Field sobriety test were administered which yielded multiple clues of drug impairment. Ms. Holliday was placed under arrest where she was told to remove all contraband she had hidden on her body. She retrieved two bags of heroin and $8.00 cash from her bra, and also removed a marijuana pipe from inside her underwear. A search of her vehicle revealed a hypodermic needle in the center console, a plastic bag with powder residue inside from the passenger side floor and a blue rubber arm tie off also on the passenger side floor. A small cigarette cellophane wrapper was located in between the passenger seat and center console which contained an end of a marijuana joint.

Ms. Holliday was transported to York Central Booking where she was read the DL-26 form verbatim and agreed to submit to a legal blood draw. At 2316 hrs., Phlebotomist Lisa Hall, withdrew two tubes of blood from Ms. Holliday’s right arm. Tubes of blood were sealed in our presence to be sent to NMS Labs for analysis.

Received toxicology report which revealed Ms. Holliday had 1.6 ng/mL 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC, 120 ng/mL Delta-9 Carboxy THC, 1.4 Delta-9 THC, 370 ng/mL Methadone and 30 ng/mL EDDP at the time of testing.

Drivers history revealed operating privileges to be suspended.

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