August 2017 DUI Arrests























On July 24, 2017 at approximately 0050 hrs. York County 911 (YCC) dispatched officers from the Newberry Township Police Department to the area of 63 S. Front St. for a Hit and Run vehicle crash. The caller, Tiffany Gragg, advised a Lexus sedan struck her parked car and the driver left the scene on foot. As I responded to the area, YCC advised that Gragg provided a description of the male as tall and slender. I arrived in the area of the crash just minutes after it was dispatched. As I approached the scene, I confirmed no one was injured and asked the people standing near the crashed vehicles were the other subject went to. A male pointed to the alley towards the school house apartments. As I was checking the immediate area, I noticed a tall, thin male matching the description of the subject who left the scene walking south on Pine St. I approached the subject on foot and asked him what he was doing. The subject was stumbling while he was walking. The subject, later identified as Brian Atwood advised his friend was just in an accident around the corner. I provided this subject a ride back to the scene of the crash.

Upon arriving back at the scene of the crash, I noticed a white Lexus sedan (Unit #1) positioned partially in the lane of S. Front St. It had damage to the right front corner. A tan colored Chevrolet Malibu, (Unit #2), appeared to be struck from behind by the Lexus, pushing it into a silver Dodge Neon, (Unit #3). All vehicles had minor to moderate damage. Unit #1 was not drivable and needed to be towed. There was also a female who identified herself as the driver of the Lexus however this was inconsistent with witness reports.

I then spoke with Tiffany Gragg, the person who reported the crash to 911. She advised that she had just gotten home from a trip and walked inside when she heard a loud crash. She immediately walked outside to see that a silver Lexus sedan had stuck her parked Chevrolet Malibu in front of her house. She stated that she saw a tall male wearing shorts and having light hair, (described as Atwood), sitting in the driver’s seat and a female sitting in the passenger seat. She was able to identify both subjects on scene. Gragg advised the male tried to put the vehicle in reverse in an apparent attempt to flee the scene. The male then ran away from the scene towards the school house apartments. She stated the female then tried to exchange information with her at which point she called the police.

Upon interacting with Mr. Atwood, it was noticed that he had bloodshot eyes, an odor on his breath consistent with someone who recently consumed alcohol, slow speech and an unsteady gait. He was provided miranda warnings to which he advised he understood. Atwood was then requested to submit to field sobriety tests. He was also asked how much he had to drink tonight to which he answered “one vodka and red bull” and another red bull.

The results of the field sobriety tests conducted with Atwood identified several indicators of impairment to include the lack of ability to follow simply instructions and lack of balance. Atwood was placed under arrest and transported to York Memorial Hospital for a chemical test of blood. Atwood was read the DL-26 form and agreed to submit to the blood test. At 0226 hrs. I witnesses Lana Rauhauser draw blood from the right arm of Atwood. The samples were packaged and sent to NMS labs for testing. It was also found that at the time of this incident, Mr. Atwood had a suspended driver’s license. Mr. Atwood is a 20 year old male at the time of this offense and prohibited from consuming alcohol.

The toxicology report was received from NMS labs and showed that at the time of testing, Brian Atwood had a BAC of 0.114%.











On 07-23-2017 I was on patrol in marked patrol car 44. I was traveling on Pleasant View Drive following a blue in color Chevrolet Impala bearing Pennsylvania registration GXV0790. This vehicle was registered to Michael Shope Jr. who resides at 365 Pleasant View Drive, lot 44. While on Pleasant View Drive I observed this vehicle swerving within its own lane of travel and at one point it crossed into the opposite lane of travel. It was about a foot over the yellow center line in the opposite lane. This vehicle then came to abrupt stop at a drive way right before the entrance to the trailer park at 365 Pleasant View Drive. As the vehicle was turning into the trailer park located at 365 Pleasant View Drive I initiated a traffic stop with my emergency lights and siren. This vehicle proceeded to travel about 100 yards down the road before turning into the driveway of lot 44.

I then made contact with the driver who was the sole occupant in the vehicle. The driver was identified by his Pennsylvania drivers license as Michael J. Shope Jr. Shope had a difficult time trying to find his documents that I had requested. While speaking with Shope I could detect a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him. Shope appeared dazed and confused as to what was going on. Shope had glassy and blood shot eyes as well as slurred speech. When asked Shope admitted to consuming alcohol on this date in his home. Shope was then asked to exit his vehicle so I could perform field sobriety tests on him.

Shope showed multiple signs of impairment during the field sobriety tests. Shope was then arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Shope was then transported to York Memorial Hospital where a DL-26 form as read to him. Shope signed the form and consented to the blood draw. On 07-24-2017 at 0030 hours, 2 tubes of blood was taken from Shope. This blood was boxed and sealed in my presence. This blood was sent to NMS Labs for testing.

On 08-01-2017 I received the blood results from NMS Labs. At the time of the blood draw Shope’s BAC was at 0.256%.




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