October 2017 DUI Arrests










Around 2125 hours, I was traveling west on York Haven road specifically the 1000 block when I observed a silver truck swerve over the double yellow line. The vehicle then made a steering correction and swerved back into the correct lane of travel but continued drifting to where the vehicle swerved over the fog line. The vehicle then made contact with the double yellow line again and it was at this point I initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle was a silver Chevrolet bearing Pennsylvania registration ZHP-0295.

I made contact with the operator who was later identified as Michael Lamay by Pennsylvania Driver’s license number 27636861. Mr. Lamay admitted he was coming from the Conewago Inn Bar where he had consumed alcoholic beverages. Mr. Lamay advised he got to the bar around 0830pm and had just left.

A short while later I requested Mr.Lamay submit to field sobriety test which he agreed. These test yielded clues of impairment. After being questioned again Mr. Lamay admitted to drinking alcohol before he even went to the bar. I came to the belief that Mr. Lamay had imbibed in a quantity of alcohol which rendered him incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle. Mr. Lamay was placed under arrest for DUI.

I then transported Mr. Lamay to York Central Booking where I read him the DL-26 form verbatim and requested he submit to a chemical test of blood. Mr. Lamay agreed to do so and at 2221 hours, Phlebotomist Jalyssa Caban removed two tubes of blood from Mr. Lamay’s left arm. Tubes were sealed in our presence and sent to NMS Labs for analysis.

Driver’s History revealed a prior DUI in February 2008.









On October 15, 2017 at approx. 0110 Hrs. a vehicle was observed failing to use a turn signal and speeding. While in a stationary position in Goldsboro Borough I was observing the traffic at the Goldsboro Square. I observed a truck traveling Eastbound on W. Broadway. The truck came to a full stop at the properly posted stop sign but failed to use a turn signal. The truck made a right turn onto S. York Street. I began to follow the truck due to the traffic violation. I immediately observed the truck accelerate to a speed greater then the speed limit for the roadway. I followed and began to pace the truck. I activated my Tracker Speed timing device in the area of Midway Rd while traveling on Cly Road and observed my speedometer at over 60 miles per hour in a properly posted 40 Miles per hour max speed zone. The truck had Pennsylvania registration of ZJH8228. Using the Tracker I paced the truck for 14.46 seconds at a distance of 1296 which its average speed was 61.1 miles per hour. The truck then turned right onto River Rd. I continued to follow the truck and again observed the truck traveling at speeds greater then 55 miles per hour on River Rd which is properly posted for 35 miles per hour max speed. The truck then signaled to make a right turn while coming up to the intersection with York Haven Road. I activated my emergency overhead lights and the truck turned into the driveway at 385 River Road.

Prior to calling out with the vehicle the driver exited his vehicle. I exited my patrol vehicle, approached the driver, and requested from the driver his drivers license and vehicle information. The driver responded “No sir you cannot have it”. I detected a slight slur to the driver’s speech. The driver put his hand inside his camo shorts pocket. While the driver stopped in the driveway I stepped back to observe his registration plate again and started to notify York County Control of the traffic stop. The driver seeing me step back again began to walk towards his house. I gave a command to “hold it right there” and the driver stopped. I again approached the driver and observed a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage about his person. The driver was agitated and began to argue and yell. I again asked for his license and vehicle information and the driver responded “No”. I could see the driver’s eyes were red and glassy. I then ordered the driver to turn around and put his hands behind his back. The driver responded, “I’m not doing either one of those things”. I called for an additional officer to respond do to a non-cooperative subject. I gave the order a second time for him to turn around and place his hands behind his back, the driver responded “no”. The command was given a total of five times without the driver cooperating. I told the driver that I could add a resisting arrest charge and he then placed his hands behind his back. While handcuffing the driver he began to argue about speeding and I said to him I guess you haven’t been drinking either. The driver responded, ” I didn’t say that”. The driver was then taken into custody, his contents of his pockets were placed on the hood of his truck, and he was then placed into the backseat of my patrol vehicle.

Upon looking in his wallet a ID card holder only ID was found. The photograph on the ID matched the driver of the truck. The ID belonged to a Edward W. Nesbit Jr of 385 River Rd. When running his information through PennDot it was discovered that he had a Limited License Ignition Interlock requirement. His truck was examined and no Ignition Interlock was found. The trucks registration was ran through PennDot and was registered to a business at the same address. The interior of this vehicle was photographed for evidence purpose. Mr. Nesbit was then transported down to the York County Booking Center. While enroute to booking Mr. Nesbit could be observed falling asleep in the back of my vehicle. He would close his eyes and his head would bob back and forth. At one point he simply rested his head against the cage and fell asleep.

While at the booking center while being audio and video recorded Mr. Nesbit was read over the implied consent form. He stated several times that he would not submit to a blood test. He was then turned over to the Sheriffs Department for processing. Upon running Mr. Nesbit’s driving history it was discovered that he has been arrested for Driving Under the Influence three previous times; 06/25/84, 05/10/08, and 10/31/15.










On October 20, 2017 at approximately 0211 hours I was traveling south on North Front St in York Haven Boro when a black pick up truck passed me traveling northbound. The vehicle approached a properly posted stop sign with a “No Right Turn” sign affixed to it at the intersection of N. Front St. and Locust St. I was able to see the vehicle stop at the stop sign and then immediately turn right onto Locust St. At this time, I turned my patrol vehicle around and began to follow the vehicle on Locust St. The vehicle pulled into the entrance to the York Haven Hydro Plant at which point I initiated a traffic stop by engaging my emergency lights and siren.

After the vehicle stopped, I approached the driver and identified myself. I also witnessed a female passenger in truck. After advising the driver why I stopped him, he admitted to the violation and stated his female passenger told him he could turn right. The driver was identified by his PA driver’s license as John Fuller. While speaking to Mr. Fuller, I detected an odor on his breath consistent with someone who had recently consumed alcohol. When asked, Mr. Fuller admitted to consuming two beers at a nearby bar recently. I noticed his eyes to be glassy and his speech slurred. Mr. Fuller also had difficulties obtaining the documents I requested from him.

Mr. Fuller was asked to step out of the truck and participate in field sobriety tests. During the explanation of the walk and turn test, Mr. Fuller advised he didn’t wish to participate due to a knee problem however clues of impairment were detected during the first test given. Mr. Fuller also stated “I have a little buzz” and “I know I shouldn’t have drove”. Mr. Fuller then admitted to me that he consumed four beers instead of two. He also stated several times “I fucked up.” Mr. Fuller discontinued his participation in the remaining field sobriety test. A preliminary breath test was administered and provided a positive reading for alcohol.

Mr. Fuller was placed under arrest for DUI and handcuffed behind his back. Mr. Fuller was then transported to the York County Booking Center where he was read the DL-26 form and consented to a chemical test of blood. At 0325 hrs. I witnessed Jalyssa Caban draw blood from the arm of Mr. Fuller. The tubes were sealed and packaged to be sent to NMS labs for analysis.

A review of Mr. Fuller’s criminal history revealed that he was convicted of a prior DUI in July 2012.





















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