December 2017 DUI Arrests




























On 11-17-2017 at around 2134 hours I was traveling east bound in the area of 1300 York Haven Road in a marked patrol car. Traveling in front of me was a silver Mazda sedan bearing registration plate KGB6175. This vehicle was registered to a Donovan Ness, who resides on York Haven Road. I observed the left registration light to be out on the vehicle. This vehicle also crossed the double yellow line, into the opposite lane of travel. At this point I initiated a traffic stop. Upon activating my lights and sirens, this vehicle activated its right turn signal, but proceeded to drive about 4/10ths of a mile or around 2100 feet until the driver brought the vehicle to a rest. The entire time I had my lights and sirens activated, the driver had plenty of space to pull his vehicle over. Then driver then pulled off to the side of the road near York Haven Road and River Road.

Upon walking up to the vehicle, the driver was observed to be the sole occupant in the vehicle. The driver was identified as Donovan Ness by his Pennsylvania drivers license. I asked Ness if he was drinking on this night, he advised he had a few beers. I observed Ness to have blood shot eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was coming from the vehicle. Upon asking Ness where he was drinking, he could not give me an answer as to where he was drinking the beers. He then advised me that he was at a bar on Derry Street in Harrisburg. Ness then advised me that he had about 4 beers at the bar. Ness advised he was at the bar for about 2 hours. Field sobriety tests were then conducted on Ness. Upon Ness exiting his vehicle, he had a difficult time keeping his balance.

Field sobriety tests were completed. Ness showed multiple signs of impairment. After field sobriety I had asked Ness again how much he had to drink. He then advised me that he had a full pitcher of beer at the bar. The entire time I was speaking with Ness he appeared dazed and confused. During some of the field sobriety tests, my instructions had to be repeated. Ness was arrested for DUI.

Ness was transported to the booking center. Once at the booking center, a DL-26 form was read to Ness. He consented to a blood draw and signed the DL-26 form. Blood was taken from Ness’s left hand at 2233 hours by Jalyssa Caban. This blood was boxed and sealed in my presence. This blood was sent to NMS Labs for testing.

On 11-29-2017 I received the blood results from NMS Labs for Ness. On 11-17-2017 at 2233, Ness had a BAC of 0.106%.










On December 9, 2017 at approx. 0035 hrs. I was observing the traffic at the intersection of Pines Road and Old Trail Road. A vehicle, an older model Ford, brown/tan, truck emerged from Pines Road and entered traffic on Old Trail Road. The truck started into the intersection prior to the signal light turning green. I proceeded to follow the vehicle northbound on Old Trail and observed it enter Interstate 83 Northbound at exit #32. Following the Ford I observed it accelerate to a speed greater then the posted speed limit. I observed the Ford cross the fog lines of the interstate. The Ford straddled the fog lines at the entrance to the northbound weight station. The Ford was traveling at speeds greater then 80 miles per hour in a properly posted speed zone of 65 miles per hour max speed. I observed the Ford cross the lane divider lines on the interstate and straddle those lines. In the area of the off ramp at exit #34 I activated my marked patrol vehicle’s over head and take down lights. The vehicle slowed but failed to stop. I activated my emergency siren and the Ford continued Northbound. I contacted York County Control and requested assistance from Pennsylvania State Police. In the area just south of exit #38 the Ford slowed and pulled over off the roadway. The driver of the vehicle stuck his hands out the driver’s window. The Ford had Pennsylvania registration plate of YNK7290.

Upon approach the driver exited the Ford and engaged in a conversation. I observed the driver to have slurred speech. I asked why he didn’t stop the vehicle immediately and the driver stated he was looking for a better place to be pulled over. Upon my request the driver provided his driver’s license and the vehicle information. The driver’s license belonged to Mr. David Elwood Skipper, the photograph on the license matched the driver of the Ford. I asked Mr. Skipper how much he had to drink this evening and he stated that he was putting in a washing machine. I asked again and Mr. Skipper reported drinking 2 or 3 beers. While conducting the field interview I observed a moderate odor of an intoxicating beverage about his breath and person. Mr. Skipper was slow to respond to questions, had slow movements, he had relaxed inhibitions, and was jovial. I requested and he complied to the standardized field sobriety tests. Mr. Skipper complained of severe back pain and explains that he was involved in an accident and had major back problems. Due to his injuries the agility and coordination tests were stopped due to an inability to complete the tests. I requested and he submit to a breath sample from a portable breath tester. The results were well over the legal limit. Mr. Skipper had pin point, very constricted pupil size that had no reaction to the dark nor light. Mr. Skipper was taken into custody without incident.

Mr. Skipper was transported to the York County Booking Center. While enroute Mr. Skipper made jokes and babbled about unrelated topics. When arrived at the Booking Center he was read over the implied consent form and requested to give a blood sample to determine his BAC level. Mr. Skipper agreed to the blood test. After a sample of blood was drawn Mr. Skipper was turned over to the Sheriff’s department for processing. Upon running his criminal history and driving record it was discovered that he was charged and convicted of a prior DUI from an incident that occurred on November 8, 1990.

The Newberry Twp. Police received the toxicology report from NMS labs. At the time of the incident Mr. David Skipper had a BAC level of 0.144. Criminal complaint completed for Driving Under the Influence and Careless Driving.


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