Be Alert!!

Be Alert!!







Recently the Newberry Township Police Department has taken several reports of an unknown individual(s) entering unlocked vehicles and removing various items. Additionally, it was also reported that an unknown individual entered a vehicle that was located within a resident’s garage.

Our agency is actively investigating these incidents and strongly urge all Newberry Township residents and the municipalities it serves to lock their vehicles.

We also encourage all residents to report any suspicious activity directly to our agency. We can not investigate incidents that have never been reported to us. We realize that social media is a great outlet to keep people informed, hence this post.   However, posting that you have been a victim of  a crime on social media platforms rather than reporting it to the police department hinders our efforts, thus affecting our ability to collect key information such as description of the suspect, location of the incident, time of the incident, and other information.

The collection of these details are essential for our agency to establish patterns or analyze it. This data will then be used to increase our efforts or saturate specific locations in hopes to catch these individuals.

“ If you see something, say something.”

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