Formal Complaint/Compliment Process and Forms

The Newberry Township Police Department has a formal process for citizen complaints against police officers and the complaint must be in writing per the labor contract for the allegation to be investigated by the administration or the Chief of Police.  The citizen filing the complaint would complete the complaint form and then forward it to the Chief of Police.  The Chief will review the complaint and then interview the parties involved and determine if the complaint requires additional investigation.  If the matter requires more investigative time, then the Chief or his designee will investigate the matter by normal process in that they will interview witnesses, collect evidence, and then present a report where there is a determination made by the Chief of Police what will occur.  The complaint will be designated as the following:  unfounded or sustained.

The nature of the complaint will determine what disciplinary action if any will occur.  Action against officers will fall under Act 111 and requires the officers to have due process.  Officers accused of misconduct have a right to representation when being questioned internally.  Officers may choose to utilize grievance arbitration or the Police Tenure Act which is referred to as “election of remedies” to address complaints against them.

The department considers allegations of misconduct to be extremely serious and will investigate any valid complaint thoroughly and with the highest level of care.  Citizens filing the complaint shall be held to the same level of consideration if the allegation is false or contains false statements and can be held liable for those issues.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call Chief John Snyder at 717-938-2608.

Citizen Complaint / Compliment Form (English)


Citizen Complaint / Compliment Form (Spanish)



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